We now present a photo gallery of various ladies' styles and haircuts: from the everyday to the completely unique.  These are styles you will long remember, on women you won't soon forget.

Versions of the most widespread hairstyle of our time: the bob. Every variation imaginable, including long bobs that reach the shoulders, and very short bobs that leave the neck and ears bare. How many times have we turned around for a second look at a girl with a gently curving, womanly neck partly exposed under its cap of hair? Nothing stimulates the imagination like that hint of bare skin...

Short pixie cuts are equally attractive. Gone are the days when such hairstyles were considered bold and unusual.  Now they are everywhere and nothing adds to a woman's charm like a little cloud of hair on her forehead, ears and neck almost bare, the short hairs there emphasizing its tender vulnerability.

The majority of women find stepping beyond conventional hairstyles an alien idea, as it touches on the delicate question of female beauty, and influences womanly charm and appeal.  It is well-known that novelty is a vital element in attracting male interest.  When it comes to a woman expressing her individuality, there's nothing like an original hairstyle to do the trick!

Last but not least, the personal favourite style for the creators of this site (and, we hope, for many of its visitors) are crops of various lengths, and completely bald heads. In Europe and America this last fashion has started to catch on over the past few years, and, on the sly, it has caught up to us as well: more and more of our girls are getting short crops or shaving their heads completely bare.

It seems to us that a hairstyle is the cornerstone of true beauty.  It can express vulnerable, gentle femininity and equally, a frank lack of self-consiousness as to the clean grace of the lines and planes of a woman's head.  It can accentuate eyes, the beauty of lips, the grace of a chin...all this is too often concealed by bangs or stray locks of hair. The pinnacle of this can be seen in the shaved head. I do not know why sometimes a shaved female head can bring narrow-minded condemnation, rather than the interested attention of fans and judges of true beauty and female charm.  There is nothing more perfect than the shape of a woman's bald head, forehead, cheekbones, chin and nape; all exposed for us to enjoy.  Why does the majority of women hide this panorama of beauty from us?!